My dad’s website

My father has put together an amazing website that shows where I am, where I stayed, all the statistics and compiles all the photos, videos and blogs in one place on a day by day basis…



  1. Frances Sallabanks · · Reply

    Hi, I’ve just donated £25 to Buy a Day on Jamie’s donation page. I would love it if I could have 3rd July with the message “Good luck Jonny and Mo for your wedding at Gunsgreen House tomorrow”.

  2. Ale Arens · · Reply

    Jamie I’m a friend of Beth Roberts and my parents live in Lima … they are waiting for you to call them because you can stay at their place! Beth sent you all their details over Facebook!

  3. 400 days! Congratulations,
    I love today’s photo, the bright lime green shop on the road … ” TAKE IT ALL,…THERE IS NO CRISIS HERE ”
    (Hope you bought an Inka Kola)

  4. Hola Jamie! Feliz Navidad!
    Can see you are taking a well deserved day off today. We heard the interview you gave to Radio Pilar, your spanish is getting better!
    Almost there!!
    All the best
    David & Danica

  5. Oops no day off!!

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