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Adventure Run London 2014

Going for the same run every day can get a little repetitive and boring which can lead to the loss of motivation. To tackle this I incorporate adventure runs into my routine. Essential this just means that I find a tube station that is the desired distance from my house, travel there and run back. […]

10X10X10 Challenge

Hill training in London can be quite difficult. There are hills around but you need to find them and then be prepared to go and tackle them. I try to include the 10X10X10 challenge into my training to help overcome this. It is also a great gym workout when the weather is a little dreary […]

The Power Yoga Company – Flexibility needed

Following the completion of my 100 ten km + runs in 100 days challenge I realised that the excessive amount of running I had been doing had lead to very tight hamstrings – to the point I could no longer touch my toes… Stretching is something that I have never been very good at and […]

100 Ten KM runs in 103 days

On 5 January, in preparation for my upcoming challenge, I set myself the challenge of running 100 consecutive days of running at least 10km a day. These runs could be completed outside, as part of organised runs or on the treadmill – they just HAD to total more than 10km each day. The reasoning behind the challenge was to […]

Speed test in France

On a run this morning I ran through a speed check for cars. I recorded a respectable 15km/h, which is not too bad for a quick run to the shops (14km round trip) to get some ingredients for one of my favourite puddings.. It got me thinking – how quick could I go! So on […]