Another week at home!


Being back in Blighty has been a strange old experience. My first week was full of hectic press interviews and trying to persuade myself to meet up with people rather than continuing my solo routine. Nothing seems to have changed that much and people are just getting on with their lives as usual and I am just slotting in the best I can

But that doesn’t mean that the second week wasn’t a little full-on a bizarre. Now that I am back I have to try and work out a way of making some money. As much fun as writing answers for media interviews is it doesn’t pay the bills. Neither does sitting in various café’s around London tapping away on my hopefully best-selling book about the expedition.

So the last week has been focussing on the next steps. I have been chatting to representation companies who will hopefully find me fun, exciting and hopefully financially rewards opportunities that will allow me to continue to follow my passion of being an adventurer. This includes TV, brand endorsements, publishers, PR, Public Speaking and all that jazz. I have also been popping into TV production companies and trying to form relationships with producers who might just consider me for their next adventure show. I have also been trying to think up clever little things that might bloom into the great idea that I am looking for. So many ideas and not enough time.

I am also trying to keep active by going to The Hot Spot Yoga studio in Parson’s Green and hitting the road for a few runs. I really need to start working on a whole routine to rebuild my strength and flexibility and am trying to find a gym I can actually afford or who will help me out!

I did my first public speaking event. It was just a short one but was great to be up speaking in front of people and answering questions that people were interested to hear the answers to. I have some speaking events coming up so it was good to get a little real-life practice under my belt.

And if that wasn’t enough I have also put my flat on the market and after 10 years in Fulham will hopefully be setting roots down in another part of London.

Then there was the TV makeover! The beard had to go and this seemed like a good opportunity to do it in a fun and slightly different way. As with my last appearance on This Morning, the process was fun and the people great to work with. I will say that letting other people control the removal of something you have become very emotionally, and of course physically) attached to is not the ideal way to do things. The beard was snipped without emotion and the end product was what the producers thought would work and not what I would like to have done. A fun experience but not maybe the way I had hoped it would happen…

So I roll into week three with a to do list longer than the beginning of both week one and two and hope that I can find the time and motivation to get it all finished. Ideas are useless if they aren’t acted on….




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