Last minute prep before #ForrestGumpFinish

It’s about 30 degrees on the streets of Buenos Aires and the sun is shining.

Today is my last full day in Buenos Aires before I return to the UK for the first time in nearly 17 months. A lot has happened in that time and much will have changed. It is going to be shock returning to “normal” when I return and one thing I have learnt is that I don’t want life to be just normal. A lot of people have asked how I am going to deal with life reverting to what it was before. My answer to that is if I let it revert to what it is before then I haven’t learnt anything from this expedition. In my old life I was living from day to day doing what was expected of me but now I know that I can do and achieve so much more – All I need is a dream, the inspiration to act it out and the motivation to see it through. Coming home is not the end of the expedition, it’s the end of this chapter and time to start dreaming bigger.

Anyway back to prep… If I was on holiday I would be out doing a little site-seeing, buying presents for loved ones back home or sitting in a café drinking coffee or maybe a glass of something more special! But alas that is not the case because I have a 30km run to think about.

This is what I have to think about:

  1. I am going from a long haul flight straight (give or take a couple of hours) into a 30km road run with my running stroller. Between now and my flight I need to get as much sleep and rest as possible to make sure I have the energy to complete the run because we all know how difficult it is to get proper sleep when flying economy!
  2. I need to make sure I eat correctly which is notoriously difficult when traveling through airports…
  3. I am trying to get as much press coverage as possible to help me achieve my target of raising over £20,000 for CALM, Macmillan and WaterAid. One would think that would be easy having run c.17,000km over two continents press enquiries would be easy but not so much. Not one UK national newspaper has covered this expedition despite all the work that has gone into trying to tell the story… So today I am sending emails, tweeting messages and trying anything to get their attention. There is also a group of people back home working away at this too (Thank you all). So if anyone knows a journalist then please drop them a line and let them know what is happening….
  4. My running stroller is at another hotel at the other side of town and I need to work out the logistics of packing and getting it to the airport. I swear to you running everywhere is a lot easier then dealing with buses, taxis and undergrounds….
  5. I need to clean my clothes so I don’t smell on the flight. I only have two pairs of identical Karrimor running shorts. I have worn nothing but these shorts for 3 months and have run 4000km in them… Right now a pair is drying upstairs following a wash with some shampoo that was in the hotel room.
  6. I have to mentally prepare myself for the differences of running in the UK. Let’s start with the weather. It is 30 degrees here and in London it can’t quite reach 10! Luckily Karrimor have sent a friend a whole load of new warmer clothes to change into at the airport. Then there will be the traffic. The roads here are busy but I think London Traffic will be a whole lot more difficult to navigate. Then there is the fact that I will be running with people… I have pretty much run alone for 17 months and on Sunday I will be with friends and well-wishers. It will be different but I am confident that it will be a real boost. Hopefully the only issue will be running too quickly!

Now it is time to rest and recuperate…

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