The night before arriving in central BA

After over 16 months and 366 days of running I am sitting in a little hotel just north of Buenos Aires. As you can imagine my feelings are all a little up in the air with so many things running through my mind. I am very excited about the expedition coming to the end but also very sad that it will all be over. I am not going to try and sum it up now as I still need to process it myself but a part of me will be relieved.

To get to Buenos Aires for NYE (and even arrive a day early) I have had to run for 27 days straight (no rest days), covering over 1500km or 56km a day. To give this context it is 6 times longer than the Marathon des Sables – the toughest footrace on earth! The temperatures have been as high as 45 degrees and the humidity unbearable at times but with sheer determination I have somehow managed to arrive safe and sound. Tomorrow I have a nice little run down through the centre of BsAs to the finish line outside the Casa Rosada.

What is really exciting is tomorrow is not the absolute end… On 10 January I will get behind the stroller one more time and attempt to jog the 15 miles from Heathrow Airport to The Mall in central London. I am just hoping that I don’t seize up after a few days rest in Argentina!!! More details on this will follow.

I am not going to lie that I am absolutely shattered and looking forward to my bed but bizarrely I spent this morning looking up potential new expeditions for the future (though I will need girlfriend approval). Doing something constructive that I thoroughly enjoy for over a year has been an amazing experience and if I can find a financially viable way to continue living this kind of life then I will certainly try.

I must pop to bed now as I need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed (or bearded) tomorrow. Its going to be a great day and I want to enjoy every minute of it!



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  1. Jenny harper · · Reply

    Jamie Ramsay you are absolutely AMAZING and all of us at Redcliff are full of admiration for you! You have been in our thoughts so much over the past months and to read your blog this morning is inspirational! Well done isn’t good enough you are awesome! Come and see us when you are in Scotland the door is always open and bed ready for you!! God bless you and all your supporters in your journey who helped you during those thousands of miles.

    Love from Joe and Jenny xx

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