Quick Xmas day round up

Today I left Rosario and started the final stretch to Buenos Aires. Rosario was a lovely town and I’d love to revisit for a little longer. Everyone I had met told me it was dangerous and I would be robbed but I actually they people there were exceptionally nice…

Anyway the route to BA could go one of two ways… If I am allowed to run on the Ruta 9 then I have 300 km to run in 7 days. If not then I am face with an extra 50 odd km and a rather less direct route.

Before I left I tried to call all my family. It seems that when we are not spending Christmas together we spread far a wide. Today I had to try and call Scotland, France, Bali and Florida!!

Once calls were done my plan was hit the 9 and wait to see if I was asked to stop. At the very beginning there was a police car parked under a tree with two policeman and neither of them seemed to react to my running. I guess you could say they might have been sleeping policeman. (been thinking of that one all day!)

After about 20km there was a toll booth and no one seemed to care much about me there so I pressed on.

Further on two police cars again ignored me. I am guessing that it being Xmas day meant that people were trying to do as little as possible.

While you were all enjoying your Christmas dinners I was sampling the delights of Argentina’s petrol stations. Some microwave gnocchi here, some icecream there and the delight of ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner.

Tonight I will rest and hopefully tomorrow I can continue down the 9 without attracting the attention of the police. At this rate I might actually arrive a day early….

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  1. Happy Christmas, Jamie 😊

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