Details and Date for arrival in Buenos Aires..

I guess at some point I actually have to have to pick a location, time and date to finish this expedition in Buenos Aires. The UK/London stage date is confirmed – It’s the 10th of January and more details will follow as we get the route, timings and final destination set in stone.

However I need to finish in South America first. Right now I am camping just off the Ruta 9 and my map tells me I am 185km from central Buenos Aires. Its crazy how close that is… But there is a chance a eager beaver police man might come along and tell me to stop running on the Auto Pista (fingers crossed that is not the case) and that will add more KMs.

So here is what I have planned… IF all continues as planned and I run in on the Ruta 9 then I will aim to finish at the Plaza de Mayo in front of the Casa Rosada at 4pm on….. The 30th of December. Yes a whole day early but it means I get to spend an extra day on holiday with my girlfriend and I can rest a little before New Year’s Eve celebrations.

However, if something goes wrong or I am told to change route I will aim for the same time and place finish but 1 day later on 31 December.

I have met a lot of people who live in Buenos Aires or are aiming to be there over the New Year. If you are at a loose end come along and see me – I’d love to see you and thank you for your support.

If you know any media that you think might be interested in a nice good news story then feel free to let them know. It’s hard for me to do while on the road.

If anyone wants to run a few kms with me then that would also be cool!

Its weird writing this email… I have been on the road so long dreaming about the finish and now it almost feels achievable…


  1. It’s gonna be hard/weird for you to stop don’t you think?

    1. It is going to be a very weird transition but I plan to get my teeth stuck into something straight away. I have positive motivation and momentum at the moment and would be silly to waste it!

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