It’s getting harder: Hating the 34 and needing an airline miracle!

There is no escaping the fact that I am finding this particular stretch one of the hardest of the whole expedition. There are a number of different factors all contributing such as mental and physical fatigue (886km in 16 days or 55kms a day), a desire to push myself to the limit to get to Bs As for NYE, wear and tear finally getting to certain pieces of my equipment and dealing with a spike in admin concerning my grande finale in London – more to follow. The biggest issue is that I still don’t have a flight booked as I am trying to exhaust all other options of getting a sponsored flight before I bankrupt myself with a £1550 ticket. I am blindly confident something will sort its self out. (While on that thought anyone got millions of BA air miles they don’t need… 😉).

But all of the above I can handle in my stride, what is really getting to me is this road. I have been on the Ruta National 34 for over 600km and it is driving me mad and the closer I get to the finish line the more it is getting to me. I will concede that it was built for cars and lorries and not solo runners but in 13 other countries there was space for us all. Here there is no room and I am spending my entire time looking over my shoulder and diving onto a muddy verge every few hundred metres. This is really affecting the continuity of my running and is affecting me mentally. I’ve lost that sense of adventure and its been replaced with just running for the sake of running to eat up kms. But it is not altering my love from running. Now more than ever I find myself dreaming of future expeditions, where I would do them and what I would do differently.

But as always there is a silver lining if I can grin and bear it for one more day then I will arrive at a town (c.60km) where I can move on to a new road. Now that road may be equally as trying but the sense of relief I will get for leaving the 34 behind me will be worth it.

To add to my woe I also have horrendous CALM singlet sun burn… More sun cream needed tomorrow.

So tonight I go to sleep in my tent next to the road I dislike intensely hoping to recover enough to complete this section tomorrow and that LAN or BA might just fly to my rescue (like what I did there…)


  1. Wild Bill Wiederhold · · Reply

    Hang in there buddy ~ You’re almost there!

  2. Keep going Jamie. Several months after meeting you Kev and I find a way to work your story into conversations with the people we meet. Your post makes me think of the banners people hold up at the Marathon – e.g “Pain is temporary….26 miles lasts a lifetime” or in your case 18,000km…….
    You can do it, home straight now……….
    (Also have you looked at flying home from Sao Paulo and getting a local flight from BA to there…..met lots of people who got singles for £300…..)

  3. COURAGE from Brussels mate !

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