Sometimes its hard to get in the groove

Today is turning out to be one of those days. I had to start a little later due to making some calls and that meant chilling in a nice cafe drinking coffee and eating pastries. When I got started the humidity levels were horrendous. After 8km the temperature dropped and then it started raining. I arrived at a town with a bank so I stopped to restock finances and the card machine swallowed my card. Luckily the staff were amazing and I got it back but it did lead to a long wait. On leaving the town I decided to stop for lunch and bow I find myself feeling a little unmotivated due to the temperature soaring and needing to run 45km this afternoon.

I know it will be alright but dodging lorries for the next few hours is going to be hard work. Luckily my girlfriend is organising cool stuff to do in and around BA and that is giving me stuff to look forward to.

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