Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening!!

Well its been a varied couple of days. After all the hassle of “bike pump drama day” I hit the road nice and early in an attempt to run in the cooler morning air. I managed a good 18km before I heard a crack from one of the wheels. On closer inspection I noticed 3 spokes had broken and the wheel had buckled more than I could deal with. Once new spokes were fitted I carried on with a slight wobble. The day went pretty well from here and I even managed a nice 40 winks lying under a tree. The road I am on may not been the most interesting when it comes to scenery as it is just a long straight, flat road but nature can surprise you. Everyone loves a butterfly and here there are a few… Well I would say millions is more accurate. As everyone back home is reading news about snow being on the way and shivering on their way to work I am lying in long grass sky gazing at the biggest migration of white butterflies I have ever seen. They literally look like snow fluttering across the sky. The 40 degree heat maybe unbearable but worth it to witness such a beautiful sight.

That night I arrived at a service station with a hotel. I checked in and spent a very nice evening with the owner Pablo, his brother and his family. The night was made more special when Pablo paid for my delicious meal. A big thank you to Pablo!!

This morning couldn’t have been any more different for yesterdays heat. There was a storm and a big one. At first I thought I may have been stranded but then remembered my brothers words “skin is waterproof” and packed up my stroller. If a Scottish guy can’t run in the rain then what is the world coming to plus I have lots of Overboard bags to keep all my kit dry.

As I ran down the narrow road, with lorries spraying me from all directions, lightning streaked across the sky accompanied by load rumbles of thunder. It was an eerie scene to be running in. I arrived at a service station where I had hoped to restock to find it bad been completely flooded, as had the restaurant next door. It also transpired that the while town had been flooded. Luckily I found what I needed.

The running this afternoon was hard work mentally. It took a few butterfly watching snoozes to summon the energy to get to my final destination but got there I did. I have set up camp opposite the police station having introduced myself. He shared a strange story with me that I didn’t really understand… Either a kid saw me and was inspired to run or saw me and thought I was a bad person and hid… I am hoping it was the former.

Once camp was set up I heard a crackling from the trees and noticed that the power cables were touching the branches. This was causing sparks, smoke and fire… I have alerted the police (who don’t see. Very worried) and have my fingers crossed all will be alright. If there is ever going to be a freak accident that turns my into a being with superpowers then its tonight. My mind has been wanderings and coming up with what special powers I may have… Might make the 850km to BA easier!!!

Once again not proof read so excuse spelling and grammar!

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