It’s not a fun run…

Well today was one of those days I’d like to forget which means it’s one of those days I need to write about so people don’t fall into the misunderstanding that this is a fun run!!

I woke up at the side of the road and packed up camp. Once again the insects were too abundant to let me cook a proper breakfast but I knew there was a town a few kms away. The hard shoulder being non existent and the traffic relentless made it a frustrating start.

By the time I reached the town it was already getting warm and I stocked up on liquids and food for the day. I set off again and was quickly halted by a water bottle being jolted from my stroller. While I was putting it back I realized my bike pump had disappeared. I searched everywhere and concluded it was gone and there was only one course of action – retrace my steps and find it. Well you can imagine how disheartened I was when it was 7km back the way I had come. By this time it was already over 40 degrees. For all this lovely people who say they love my positive attitude you may have been stunned to see a mad runner on the side of the road having numerous tantrums and beating an empty bottle against a baby stroller. I hope no one thought there was a kid in there. But it wad a frustrating start. I stood at the very point I had started having covered 14km but in reality having made no distance.

Once I had had a chat with myself I set off once again, retracing my steps and finally making some ground. By this time the temperature had reached over 45 degrees and for a wee Scotsman this was a struggle. I would cover about 6km and then need to find a tree to hide under. When I stopped I would be overheating and panting uncontrollably. I kept pushing knowing there was a town at the 30km mark (45km in reality). When I arrived I settles down to rest in the service station. This may have been a mistake as I was quickly surrounded by interested bystanders firing lots of questions at me while others seemed free to touch all my equipment… Sitting in 45 degree heat having run 45km did bot put me in the most engaging mood.

At this time I had a choice to make. Try and put in another painful 20km or take advantage of the hostel next door… I took the latter with a plan of rising early and hitting the road while its cooler.

I am glad I made this decision as it is now a full storm outside with lightning and torrential rain..

Some interesting quotes from today:

“it’s not like running in Europe.”

“its going to be this hot for another 650km”

“this is the most dangerous road in the world”

“you’d be good looking without a beard!”

Sorry for spelling and grammar….


  1. Hi Jamie. I have just found your blog and am loving it! Huge good vibes being sent your way. I did a mini 90 mile running adventure earlier this year and am planning a biggie for next year (Rome to London) and I’m using your blog as inspiration as I’m really in no position to be thinking about doing it but am planning on just doing it anyway! Here’s hoping the sun gives you a break tomorrow and your bike pump stays put.

  2. Wild Bill Wiederhold · · Reply

    Sounds like you’re having quite the time of it Jamie! Did you ever find your pump?

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