Cracking on having had 2 showers!

Last night I made it to the civilization of La Banda in Northern Argentina. If I am honest it wasn’t quite what I am expecting. While running I had come up with a long list of things to buy but in reality I struggled (and failed) to even buy instant noodles. But I did find a nice hotel and managed to clean myself and a few of my belongings. As I lie in my sweaty tent the shower seemed a waste but it was nice to feel clean for a few hours.

After 12 hours of pigging out I hit the road again. It was a late start due to taking every opportunity to enjoy proper restaurants and wifi. As I ran out if the town the sun was high and the temperature on my watch crept ever higher until it peaked at 41 degrees. Luckily the roads are flat but unfortunately there is no hard shoulder so the workload as increased as I push my Thule stroller through light gravel. I managed to get to 20km pretty comfortably and had a nice rest in an air-conditioned service station. About 10km further down the road it got a lot harder when my stomach went. There I was standing on the side of a highway urgently looking for somewhere to leave all my worldly possessions while I sprinted for the bushes. This little upset made running a little more complicated. Every 3 or so km I would have to stop and let my stomach settle. Not ideal…

However I persevered and the kms clicked by. At km 44 I found another service station and had a rest. I finally made it to about 53km and found a little dip between a highway and railway. When cars pass there is noise, when trains pass the earth shakes and when there is no traffic the insects and amphibians are singing away while I slowly melt in my tent. I have rigged a clothes line in my tent so hopefully they will air a bit before tomorrow. My Suunto says it is 34 degrees in my tent and annoyingly I can’t open the door for ventilation as the insects are all waiting for any chance to get in here and suck my Gringo blood!!

Better get some sleep. Sorry for grammar and spelling… I haven’t proof read!!!

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  1. O god. I love this but I also want to hug you in sympathy. This will make for great stories when they discomfort is over. It’s all good mental training.

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