A bit of rain and extraterrestrial insects

(9th December) I set off from Jujuy 7 days ago with the express intention on arriving in BA for NYE. To achieve this I would have to record a daily average of about 52km a day, every day without fail. Obviously this is a demanding target and is quite a bit more than my normal average. To add a little more pressure my girlfriend and parents are planning on being at the finish line and making it NYE adds a lot of complications for them (Sorry). If I don’t make it on time I may have some explaining to do…

Well as I lie in my tent tonight I am ahead of schedule having clocked up 405km (c.58km daily average). Each day has had it’s own little challenge and today was no different. I was woken up early this morning by strong gusts of wind battering my tent. Small drops of rain were also beginning to splash down. After my porridge and jam (the last of it!) I made a quick decision to pack up early and get on the road. Within a couple of KMs the heavens opened and I had to make sure everything was all stowed away in my OverBoard bags.

The running this morning was hard due in part to the distances covered on other days and the fact that food was running short. I plodded on happy in the knowledge that there was a town 30 odd km away. Disappointing ships here are not that well stocked but I managed to get the necessary ingredients for a ham and cheese baguette.

Running this afternoon, post fuel injection, was easier and I managed to cobble together about 60km. Trying to find somewhere to camp was proving a little more difficult. The road I am on is long and straight with a verge about 10m wide with no trees or shelter. Having convinced myself that there was going to be no hiding tonight all that remained was to find a spot. The grass here is very coarse and in think clumps. With a little jiggling I managed to get my tent up and sort of clear a flat area to sleep on.

I am now lying writing this blog and the most surreal thing is happening. Small flying insects with bright green lights are circling my tent, occasionally bumping into it. It really feels as if I am in some SciFi film and am being monitored by some extraterrestrial beings. Other insects are also in abundance and have either made their way into my tent while the door as been open or are desperately trying to find a way in… lots of strange noises … after so many months complaining about the desert I am actually starting to miss it. It may be desolate but it is a lot cleaner and rather less buggy!!!

Tomorrow I will make the 55km to La Banda/Santiago del Estero. Hopefully I will be able to get some cash, have a shower and start preparing for the next longer jump to Rosario. After nearly 16 months on the road wear and tear is starting to occur and I need to replace a few things.

But the most important thing is the shower!!!!

1100km to go!!!

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  1. Wow you have really gone the distance this week. Are they fireflies ?

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