Run and the road will provide :)

It has been a couple of days since I headed into over 250km of unknown with very little supplies and just $20. The main hurdle was trying to keep myself fuelled with enough calories to run over 55km a day. Well as always the road has provided. I am still over 110km from Santiago where I will hopefully be able to get cash, sleep in a bed and most importantly have a shower, but I am doing well.

The great thing about being in the road and doing something positive is that good things tend to happen. On the first morning I popped into a restaurant to get some clean water and emerged with clean water and a bag of bread rolls and biscuits. Later that day I found a shop (something very rare here) and managed to pick up some ham and cheese for a couple of dollars. The shopkeeper kindly added a large bottle of frozen water. That night I slept on a patch of grass in a service station. Today I managed to fill my bottles in another restaurant before inset off. Later in the morning a couple stopped and asked to take a photo. They then gave me an apple. A little further on I stopped again to refill bottles and was once again given all the water I could manage and a nice 2l bottle of ice. There is nothing better than a bottle of ice as it keeps cool for a good few hours. For me this is great because I find cold water cools me down internally and allows me to push of further. A few km further another car stopped and some ladies who had seen me in northern Argentina stopped for a photo and as they left they handed me a packet of biscuits and the equivalent of $10 (for charity – I’ll make an electronic donation when I get to a town). Tonight I asked a chap if I could camp opposite his house and he gave me another 2l of water.

Tomorrow its about 30km to the next town where I should be able to buy some more food and that should get me to Santiago del Estero where I will pig out IF I can use my bank card….

I have come to love being on the road and it’s little instances like these that remind me why. Obviously it’s not all easy… the days and nights are hot which means I never stop sweating. As a result I think I have a sweat or heat rash forming… slightly irritating. But it’s not an adventure if there aren’t hurdles to overcome!!!!

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  1. Jamie. I just posted to my personal Facebook about your story, telling people about you (again). This time, not the day after I first met you in that North Vancouver coffee shop, but well over a year later… I believed you would make it when you let me proof that first blog. I was so inspired by your vision. You are truly a one of a kind. And you have also renewed my faith in human kind with all your stories of support from strangers along the way. Be well. Keep doing great things. And if you’re ever in Vancouver again, please count me among your friends (and someone who would gladly hear you speak if you decided to do “talks” after this amazing mental and physical accomplishment.)

    Yours truly,
    Penny from that Bean Around the World coffee shop. (Oh the irony of that name!)

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