Sometimes adventure is when it all goes wrong!

After yesterday’s fun and games I was looking forward to a more straight forward day. The sun shining was definitely a good start and a tasty, if unhealthy, breakfast also helped. The road out of Metan was nice and flat and while there was no hard shoulder going was good. My big worry was that I only had $20 and was about to spend a good 5 days (300km) running to Santiago de Estero. None of the bank machines in Metan had any money and that left one option – run to Rosario de la Frontera and try and get cash there. Annoying this meant a slight detour…

In the early afternoon I arrived at the first bank machine and inserted my card – nada!! The machine was empty. I wandered round the corner to the next and the same. Again for the third time and nothing. Having exhausted all bank machines I decided that the best option was to find a hotel that accepted visa and wait for the bank to open the next day. All three hotels I tried did not accept visa. At this point I was informed that it was a national holiday for the next 2 days and no banks would open till then. To add to the problem not shops would accept visa so I couldn’t restock on food. Still thinking about hotels I found one on the highway that might accept Visa and headed in that direction. $93!!!! Not a chance.

At this point I realized that barriers were going to keep popping up. At this point there is a choice, keep fighting the issues or just change the direction. I went for the latter. I found a petrol station that served food and accepted visa. I bought some sandwiches to go, snacks and a steak sandwich for lunch and decided to hit the road.

With no money and not being able to use Visa this town was going to solve none of my problem. On the road there was at least progress and possible help from passing drivers. So with a few snacks, refilled water bottles, $20 and full of enthusiasm I just ran. I am now camping at the side of the road writing this blog….

I may live to regret this decision as its now over 250km to the next main town and I have no money and somehow need to find about 5000kcal of food per day. But miracles happen… I have already met a cyclist who is going to bring me fruit in the morning.

I believe I can do it and at the end of the day that is all that matters!!

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