Mind – Body – Objective – Getting the order right

I have been on a mission lately and getting a lot of KMs under the belt. The finish line is getting closer and that is spurring me on but today I realized that I need to make sure I keep everything in perspective and not mess things up.

The objective of arriving somewhere on a certain date is an important part of my motivation. I set the marker in my mind and then do whatever it takes to get from A to B on time. Over the last week I have managed to run at a higher daily average than nearly any point of this whole expedition and that was despite the fact I was crossing the Andes and the Atacama Desert. Determination pushed me on!

Now more than ever there is an objective – getting to the finish line, which is now less than 1500km away, and seeing my parents and girlfriend. I was determined to keep pushing myself at all costs but luckily today I was sort of forced to take a rest. I needed to send a video to someone and it took forever. When it finally sent I decided to take a day of rest. I have not had a true “Jamie Day” for a really long time and I can now feel that I need it.

The objective is my driving force but sometimes I forget that it is the body and mind that will get me there. Niggles are starting to form. My left knee is feeling a little tender and is most likely due to the descent from the Andes. My lower lip is raw as result of the hellish wind, sun and dryness of the high altitude air. And my mind is continuously stressing over logistics, “real life shit” back home and expedition administration.

Being forced to stop allows me to address this imbalance and hopefully prepare myself for the next few weeks. If the mind and body are in shape then there is a higher chance I will achieve my objective on time and in one piece.

So today I am going to switch off, rest and enjoy this beautiful steak….

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#MicrosoftAmbassador – #DoGreatThings

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