Monthly Archives: December 2015

The night before arriving in central BA

After over 16 months and 366 days of running I am sitting in a little hotel just north of Buenos Aires. As you can imagine my feelings are all a little up in the air with so many things running through my mind. I am very excited about the expedition┬ácoming to the end but also […]

Details and Date for arrival in Buenos Aires..

I guess at some point I actually have to have to pick a location, time and date to finish this expedition in Buenos Aires. The UK/London stage date is confirmed – It’s the 10th of January and more details will follow as we get the route, timings and final destination set in stone. However I […]

Quick Xmas day round up

Today I left Rosario and started the final stretch to Buenos Aires. Rosario was a lovely town and I’d love to revisit for a little longer. Everyone I had met told me it was dangerous and I would be robbed but I actually they people there were exceptionally nice… Anyway the route to BA could […]

End in sight but not all going according to plan

Luckily the running part if my expedition continues without too much extra pain. No matter how you approach it running over 55km a day for 20 plus consecutive days is going to take its toll but its nothing I can’t handle at the moment. I am currently in a town called Barrancas and have about […]

Good riddance 34 – Hello 10

I am very tired and this is the second attempt at this blog after a dying battery issue! Just a few notes: Just a short 37 km today. Chilled out in hotel this morning doing fun stuff like transfer money to other people and general admin! Real life continues no matter how far you try […]

It’s getting harder: Hating the 34 and needing an airline miracle!

There is no escaping the fact that I am finding this particular stretch one of the hardest of the whole expedition. There are a number of different factors all contributing such as mental and physical fatigue (886km in 16 days or 55kms a day), a desire to push myself to the limit to get to […]

HELP/ADVICE – Buenos Aires Estancia recommendation

Yet another cry for help/advice… We are trying to find an Estancia just outside Buenos Aires where I can recover for a couple of nights once I have finished this run… Everywhere we find is either way too expensive or has no availability. It would be for the 2nd and 3rd of January. Any recommendations […]

Overcoming a lack of motivation

A lot of people who contact me ask how I get the motivation to keep running every day. Well today is a good day to take a quick look at that. As my previous blog outlines I was feeling rather unmotivated at lunch when I had only covered about 15km. I’d had humidity, heat, rain, […]

Sometimes its hard to get in the groove

Today is turning out to be one of those days. I had to start a little later due to making some calls and that meant chilling in a nice cafe drinking coffee and eating pastries. When I got started the humidity levels were horrendous. After 8km the temperature dropped and then it started raining. I […]

The police seem to like me today!

The police seem to be taking a like to me here but not in a bad way, I don’t think… I woke up this morning and waved goodbye to the friendly policeman stationed where I was camping. My lunch stop was a town called Pinto where I was told I would find WiFi etc. I […]