Parliamentary debate on male suicide – Get involved

Words taken from email from CEO of CALM:

This Thursday is going to be a historic day.  We’ve secured a 3-hour Parliamentary debate on male suicide that afternoon, with a ‘Thunderclap’ message going out to over 16 million people that morning.  This is a massive opportunity to get male suicide on the public agenda.  There are three easy ways you can help with this:

  • Sign up to the Thunderclap.  This is a mechanism that allows us to send a one-time message to all the followers of those people that have signed up.  At the time of writing 1,653 people had signed up for the Thunderclap, and their followers amounted to over 16 million people.  We’ve got over 12,000 supporters on our mailing list – imagine the reach if even 25% of our supporters signed!

Sign up to the Thunderclap using your Facebook or Twitter account, and here.  The Thunderclap will send a once-only message to all your followers at 8am on the 19th. If you experience any difficulties with this, you can download these instructions.

  • Tell everyone about the Thunderclap and send them the link
  • Email/tweet or write your MP today to make sure they attend the debate.   Tell them your story, tell them why this campaign is important to you, and send them this Parliamentary Briefing.  Find their details, and Twitter handle here

Look up local suicide rates here.

This is the first time CALM has ventured into lobbying MPs. Getting a Parliamentary debate on the issue of male suicide is a great achievement.  I know its hard moving this debate forward given last Friday’s terrible events, but it’s important that we keep pushing on this issue, and we have a short window of opportunity to do this.

Finally, we’d like to acknowledge the magnificent coalition of those involved in suicide prevention in the UK who backed our call for the debate.  You can find out a full list of those agencies in the attached briefing.

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