Quick update from the desert

I am making a mad dash across the desert and managing to consistently hit the big km’s per day. I think I have run 500km in the last 9 days giving an average of about 56km a day, though I think I need to verify that with my dad who very efficiently compiles the data!

The last few days have been hectic. The desert is hot and the sun relentless. I have mostly been camping and I have to admit that’s how I prefer it. However, I am definitely in need of a proper shower because there is no hiding from the smell (stench may be a better word).

Last night was particularly eventful as I had to set my tent up in a space smaller than the tent is due to the ground being so hard. Just after I set it up the wind whipped into action and I sat watching my tent be thrown around. I have become very attached to my tent and there were so worrying moment. Luckily this bad boy is built for wind (company name Force Ten),and it survived without a scratch.

Today I had a pleasant 65km run through varying desert. A stretch through hills, a stretch along a rivet and finally a nice wide expanse with the wind pushing me on when I slackened. There was also a lot to look at. I popped down to the rather salty river for a paddle and clean, I looked at some geoglifos and popped into an old nitrate mining settlement.

Diet was the only bad part as sugar snuck its way in and I forgot to actually heat. When I had finished my run I had only eaten breakfast (eggs and a roll), a muesli bar and a handful of nuts and raisins. With all the wind and the extreme heat its hard to stop and actually make a meal but I must learn to make the effort. One would really expect me to have sorted out a routine after 15 months of running. I did have a good supper of pasta, pesto, chili and tuna and I am camping next to a restaurant so a good breakie should be possible.

Hopefully I will be in Calama in a couple of days and I will post a wee album of some of the scenery. It’s pretty amazing – especially tonight’s sunset!

Must get some shut eye… Night night!

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