A bit more desert running but on a grander scale!

In the two days since I left Arica I have covered about 125km, 60 on the first day and 65 today. The increase in distance is due to a number of factors. Firstly I am feeling in good running shape but more importantly the clocks have moved two hours forward since I left Peru and this gives me two hours extra in the evening. Also the terrain helps. When I am in a big desert or epic scenery then I tend to enjoy the running more. If you want impressive then this is the place. Today I started from my campsite on the side of a valley. I then moved on to a plateau with yellow sand stretching as far as the eye could see. The road then descended from 1300m to 100m on one long road following a huge valley lasting over 20km. The wind ws blowing straight at me for the whole descent making it quite hard work. At the bottom the road nearly doubled back on itself and up another huge valley. This time the wind was at my back. The wind blows in the afternoon so despite the fact that I had already done 45km I used it to push me 20km up the valley climbing up to just under 400m. The valley itself was impressive. The steep walls towered to about 1500m and in wide flat base was a dry river and grey rocks and sand. Pretty breathtaking stuff.

I am now camping hidden in some reeds. The wind is starting to die down and hopefully I’ll get a good nights sleep. First thing tomorrow is a 17km hill climb taking me up 1000m. Joy!!!

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