Karrimor provides the clothing to tackle the Atacama and the Andes!!


I am about to enter the most physically demanding stage of my expedition which will see me attempt (and hopefully succeed) to run cross the Atacama Desert and then up and over The Andes into Argentina. There are about 2700km between me and the finish line in Buenos Aires and during that distance I will climb more that 12,000m peaking at about 4800m. The clothing I need to do this is going to be very different from what I have used so far and I am very excited to announce that Karrimor have jumped to my aid by providing me with a new wardrobe of running and adventure clothing that will help with my running during the day and with the huge range of temperatures I will experience from near freezing to 40 degrees C.

Below I have included links to a few of the items that they have provided me (Click on them to view more details). I also have gloves, hats, t-shirts and running tights.

As a test for running clothes I think this expedition is a good extreme measure. So far I have run over 1200km in my new running kit and on many occasions have even slept in the same clothing (yes horrible I know!) There are no signs of wear or tear. It’s amazing quality and I can assure you that trying to find cheaper would be impossible. For example my Merino wool top is currently only £23…. AMAZING!

Check out all their amazing products at – http://www.karrimor.com

Phantom Merino Fleece
Running long Shorts Tights short

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