The push to Chile start tomorrow…

Over the last 6 days I have made my way from Camana to Ilo where I am celebrating my 36th birthday in a very local meat restaurant.

The six days getting here have been amazing. Camping in deserts, little villages and military testing grounds. It wasn’t all plain sailing with some stomach problems and at least one day of painful running. The mosquitos have also been rather hungry!

I have managed to pick my running average up to over 55km per day by adopting a “10km & rest” strategy repeated five times a day plus warm up and warm down.

I was going to trundle down the PanAmericana but my clever father was one step ahead. He scouted the roads and found a nice coastal route that was flatter and a little more visually stimulating.

So here I am in Ilo celebrating my b-day by stuffing a huge meat platter down my throat and writing this blog. Tomorrow I continue with the 175km push to Arica in the very north of Chile. The route I am taking continues down the coast and should be mostly flat except a few 150m climbs. The hope will be to cover this in three days and then acclimatize to Chile before starting the Atacama leg of the expedition.

Excited much.. I think so!!! Now where is my food….?

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  1. Happy Birthday! Keep up the great work.

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