Monthly Archives: November 2015

Safely arrived in Argentina

(23rd Nov) I have arrived safely in Argentina and tomorrow I will start the final stage to Argentina. The last 3 days and c.160 has seen me cross the main section of the Andes. Hopefully it is all down here from here… However there is one more hill that takes me to about 4200m. Tonight […]

Feeling like I am getting near the end – only 2000km and the Andes to go!!

I am now entering the final stages of my run from Vancouver to Buenos Aires. All that remains is a quick 400km hop over the Andes – top altitude will be about 4818 metres – during which I cross into my 14th and last country – Argentina and then the long run across South America […]

What I am thinking before crossing the Andes on foot – alone!

(written last night) Tonight is my last night in a town before I set off on a c.400km Andes crossing which will see me reaching heights of over 4818m, which incidentally is higher than any point in Europe… Obviously there is a lot to think about before a stage like this. I need for ensure […]

Thank you Maxim Tour Experience

I would like to say a quick thank you to “Maxim Tour Experience” for their assistance. I am about to cross the Andes on foot and will be leaving tomorrow morning. It is over 160km till the next shop and possible access to drinkable water. Maxim have kindly agreed to deliver water to me on […]

Preparing for the big push – higher than Europe!

It took me 13 days but I have arrived safely in the beautiful, if a bit touristy, San Pedro de Atacama. The last 700km have been fantastic with lots of beautiful scenery, adventurous camping spots and cool people. Now it gets serious. The next stretch is about 160km and will see me to the Chilean/Argentinean […]

Parliamentary debate on male suicide – Get involved

Words taken from email from CEO of CALM: This Thursday is going to be a historic day.  We’ve secured a 3-hour Parliamentary debate on male suicide that afternoon, with a ‘Thunderclap’ message going out to over 16 million people that morning.  This is a massive opportunity to get male suicide on the public agenda.  There […]

Some photos from the last few days

Quick update from the desert

I am making a mad dash across the desert and managing to consistently hit the big km’s per day. I think I have run 500km in the last 9 days giving an average of about 56km a day, though I think I need to verify that with my dad who very efficiently compiles the data! […]

Day three of Atacama Desert

This evening I think I finally arrived in the proper Atacama Desert. Where the Atacama starts and ends seems to depend on who you talk to or which website you visit. But tonight I am about 3km into a flat desert that stretches away into the distance and I am sure a lot further beyond. […]

A bit more desert running but on a grander scale!

In the two days since I left Arica I have covered about 125km, 60 on the first day and 65 today. The increase in distance is due to a number of factors. Firstly I am feeling in good running shape but more importantly the clocks have moved two hours forward since I left Peru and […]