From a bad stomach to stealth camping in a military base – just another day for an adventure runner!!!

Today was a day of two halves. I woke up and packed camp after a ok nights sleep. I was camping in the town square and the street lights were on all night and the local dogs were having some kind of street fight which involved a lot of barking.

Once ready to go I popped to a small cafe and ordered a couple of fried egg sandwiches and a coffee. The road out of town was beautiful and wound up through tight canyons from a green valley to the flatter desert above.

When I arrived at the next town the danger signs of a bad stomach started and i was lucky enough to find a petrol station just in time. Having blown off my fizzy drinks ban I bought a Coca-Cola thinking that might kill any germs! Unfortunately not the case and the next two petrol stations came just at the right time.

When I finally got into a rhythm I was running in a wide open desert. It got more and more desolate until I came across a big sign telling me this was a military zone. And not just any military zone but one where they test deploying missiles from fighters. As it was a public road I continued though slightly aware that I was over 40km and would have to find a camp site soon.

Well the long and short of it is I am now camping in the military zone and have my little tent set up in some derelict buildings. As I am quite close to the highway I am fairly sure there won’t be any missiles aim here. Having said that there are jets flying over head!

It has to be noted that today’s final stage of running might just be the most beautiful so far. The desert was a lovely orange color, emphasized by the setting sun. Behind me were the snowcapped mountains and directly in front were a set of hills that appeared to be straining to hold back a huge bank of cloud.

Tomorrow morning I will be heading into those hills. I have down a little research and it looks like there might be a nice restaurant in about 30km. After three nights camping I my treat myself to something nice, that is if they let me in!!!

So in summary a diverse day but despite tummy probs I managed to cover a nice 60+km and am enjoying the amazing scenery. I can’t believe I am only just over a week away from Chile…. It’s not till your about to leave a country that you start to appreciate it. I have one more thing to do while here and I think I have the perfect day to do it… It’s my birthday in 3 days and I am still yet to eat cuy or as we know it guinea pig!!!!

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