Now the real challenge begins… Wish me luck!

Over the last 2300 km I have been running on what, in this expedition, can be described as pretty flat terrain. I haven’t had to venture above 650m but sadly that is all about to change. Tomorrow I begin my long, but very sure ascent to The Andes. Obviously it is not going to be one long hill but it is a very marked change from what I have been used to since Ecuador. To add to the change in altitude it is also going to be getting a little more desolate and I am sure a little chillier. Long stretches of desert with very little to offer but endless views of sand will be my constant view. For me this is probably where the biggest challenge of my expedition begins. I am going to have to focus my mind and really bring my “A” game.

Camana to San Pedro

The altitude map I have included takes you from Camana, Peru, to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. In this section it peaks at 3500m but a little further on it spikes to 4800m. For me the positive is that at that point it will be all down hill to Buenos Aires.

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  1. Dear Jamie, since we met in Peru 20th Sept (me and my wife Florin passing by in a small rental car but then turning back to look after you and having a chat. Finally we were not able to give more support than a few two day old bananas…) I am constantly watching your blog.
    We wish you good luck for the coming hard ascend. In fact the challenge will probably be the uphill/downhill/uphill profile. And of course the altitude, but as you are ascending relatively slowly (compared to car/plane) you at least have a low risk of real altitude sickness.
    Beware of dehydration, the cool dry air in higher altitude and the bright unfiltered sun dries you out. Slow down speed. And keep up eating chocolate bars (and buying them at the right times…)
    Sorry for making suggestions… Take care!

    Dr. med. Rafael Sayer

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