Chocolate saved my life – The Landslide!!!


Every adventure should have a brush with danger and so far on my expedition I have been pretty lucky. (why did I type that?) Well yesterday I think I had a brush and the good news is that I was about 5 minutes late! The reason I was late was because of chocolate….

It was a hard day of running. I had run 65km the day before (and about 50km the day before that) and had camped in some gorge that I think was more commonly used as a loo than a camping site. The run had felt like it had been mostly uphill which couldn’t have been the case because I started at sea level and was just above sea level when my brush with danger occurred. I was struggling to get into my groove and decided to stop for some food. After a ridiculously long wait for the food due to the fact that the lady had to go shopping to buy the ingredients,  I descended to the coast through a small village. A little shop caught my eye and the temptation to buy a couple of chocolate bars got the best of me and in I popped. I was in there for about five minutes (the length of time is important…). I told myself I would have one bar now and one later as a reward for getting to the top of the hill, however that rational went out the window and I scoffed them both.

I started running again and was making my way along a narrow road that clung to the edge of the cliff. I rounded a corner and heard a crack, followed by a thud and then a large plume of what looked like smoke. I continued running wondering what this noise had been. I rounded a small corner and there in the distance there was the debris from a landslide covering the road. From when I heard the crack to when I arrived at the scene of the landslide it was pretty much exactly five minutes… See why it was important earlier… If I had decided to forgo that chocolate and had carried on running then there is every possibility that Jamie would have been squashed under that pile of rock… My mummy would not have been happy with that outcome!

Luckily there were lots of people on hand and we all mucked together and made a path through the debris and could continue on our merry ways!

So next time you buy chocolate just think that rather than being an unhealthy option… it might just be saving your life!


  1. Important question – What’s chocolate of choice for an adventure runner? I’m a Boost man….

    1. I love a Boost but I would have to say the Peanut M&Ms are my fav!!!

  2. Glad you are ok!!! Was just telling the hostel owner in Mendoza about you and thought we would check in on the blog! Send him an email when your here, big garden for your tent! Gorila hostel. 😃

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