Another blustery day in the desert

Today I woke in the behind the Mar Restaurant. The fried fish/flies has not caused any stomach problems and after a quick pack up and breakie I was back on the road. My target for today was about 44km south and again would be nothing but desert and wind!!

In all the running I have done I don’t think anything has been as hard as what I have encountered over the last couple of days. The relentless wind and the added weight (water) in the stroller makes every step that much harder. At times I need to take a break after nearly every km. Then the hills make things worse. To add to that the hard shoulder is not great here so there is the constant need to check my back for speedy pick-up trucks and lorries.

The biggest battle is trying to keep my spirits up which at times is difficult. Singing made up songs or shouting at myself seems to help but ar the end of the day I just tell myself that this is all training for what lies ahead. No matter how difficult this section is the Atacama and the The Andes are going to be worse.

If all was difficult on the road then ar least I can say that the roadside snacks were great. In my last care package my parents included, amongst other delicious items, a jar of pate and quindillas (Spanish chillies). So at 30km I stopped at the side of the road and had a lovely little picnic. From there to the end was made slightly easier with the delicious food inside.

So tonight I am camping at the rather windy junction for Puerto Lomas. There is a billboard for a rather nice looking hotel but its 5km off route and who needs a hotel when you have a Force Ten tent and sleeping bag combined with a Vango sleeping mat! No matter what’s happening outside I’ll be snug as a bug inside!!

One comment

  1. Jamie! Vamos!!
    it will get better as you approach Arequipa!

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