Running day 300!!!

Well today was running day 300 and not only that I was the day I broke through the 13,000km mark. YAY!!!

Unfortunately that is where the “yay” ends because despite this great milestone I was feeling tired and unmotivated!! I was in a lovely hostel in Nazca and could have very easily taken a day off but my inner self told me to push on…

It took me a good 5km if walking to the edge if the town to get the spark to actually break into a run and even then I needed and Inca Kola and chocolate bar to help.

To make matter worse the running was just really really hard. I was running through a harsh desert with a strong headwind blowing into my face. I had to push myself forward with every step and in the end I had to resort to screaming at my self to keep going. It was hard, really hard.

But luckily after about 40km I arrived at a little restaurant (generous description) and managed to sort a place to camp and some dinner (which came with a complimentary fried fly!)

Now I am in my tent and its only 6.30. Early night and then push on tomorrow.

Night all!!


  1. Paul Brunning · · Reply

    I had hoped Nazca would be an enjoyable experience for you. I spent a few days there, many years ago, and had a great time. Good luck with the rest of your journey..!

  2. Good luck. Keep going. You can do it!

  3. Push on Jamie mate…what you have done is already beyond incredible…..

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