One Facebook post about my expedition = £1000 raised for CALM in 24 hours

Yesterday a friend, Scott Shillum, published a post on Facebook giving an outline of my expedition and CALM, one of the charities I am running for. (The full text can be found below.) He also asked Stephen Fry to retweet the message. Then a chap called Rax Lakhani tweets Stephen Fry (11.3m followers) and asks for his support via a retweet… The delightful Stephen Fry then tweets the following:

Stephen Fry

My email goes ballistic and in 24 hours I receive 67 emails from Virgin Giving notifying me that I had received donations for CALM. This chain of events raised £862 (£1016 inc GiftAid) in just 24 hours!


All I can do is say a massive thank you to Scott, Rax, Stephen Fry and everyone who took time to make a donation, share the post or just give words of encouragement!

The Original Facebook message that started it all!


Dear friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends and Mark Zuckerberg. This is a bit wordy, but please read and share if you can. I want to tell you the story of a man named Jamie Ramsay. Jamie and I have know each other for a number of years as he was one of my work clients and we occasionally lunched together. Jamie worked in the fairly specialist arena of financial communications and my company used to do some work for him. So far so boring!

Well, last year after over 10 years of daily office grind, Jamie decided that he needed a challenge. He is a keep fit fanatic and marathon runner and what he decided to do was put his love of running to good effect and raise money for charity. He chose three, one of which is a small UK based charity by the name of CALM. As you can see from the capital letters, CALM is an acronym. Not a TLA (three letter acronym) but a four letter one which stands for Campaign Against Living Miserably. It has one laser focus, which is to prevent male suicide in the UK and it is underfunded. Massively. Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50 in the UK and 78% of all suicide victims are male. They do amazing work and their small team punches well above their weight. But they need more money and Jamie hatched a plan to help them.

He decided that he would set off on a long run. A very long run. A very very long run. A run in fact that would make Forrest Gump look like a statue. His crazy harebrained idea was that he would run from Vancouver to Buenos Aires. Solo.Without any support. Just for emphasis I’ll say it again but this time I’ll shout and put a space between the words . HE WOULD RUN FROM VANCOUVER TO BUENOS AIRES. SOLO. WITHOUT ANY SUPPORT. That’s a distance of over 18,000 KM or 11,250 miles for those luddites like me who still aren’t quite au fait with the metric system. Imperial or metric it’s a long long run. Did I mention that he would do this solo without any support? Well that crazy harebrained plan has now become a reality and Jamie has now been running for nearly 400 days and has covered just over 8000 miles or 13,000 kilometers. Solo, without any support. To put this into context he is running just over a marathon distance every day. Sure he has the occasional rest day but I think we would all agree that he deserves that and it is a seriously amazingly unbelievably impressive achievement.

There is however a slight flaw in the endeavour and that is that Jamie only really has time to run, eat, rest and repeat. He updates a blog when he can and tries to take pictures every day which are uploaded to a website which is aptly named but quite understandably he doesn’t really have the time to get too involved in promoting this incredible journey. And that is why I am writing this post. As of now 4pm on October 7th 2015 the fundraising page for the trip has raised just £100 for CALM. His target is £5000 and I think that between us if we can donate the cost of a beer or a glass of decent red, or white or whatever your tipple may be, we can really really spur Jamie on to the finish in Buenos Aires in a few months time. So if you have read this far, thank you. If you can donate, and share this post double thank you and when Jamie returns in January he will hopefully have a lot more people who know about his amazing achievement. The link to the VirginMoney donation page is Please click on the CALM link. Run Jamie Run. Please donate and to paraphrase Mark Watney (Matt Damon in ‘The Martian’)share the s**t out of this. Thanks a million. Scott.
P.S The CALM website is here:
P.P.S Mark Zuckerberg thanks for reading and thanks in advance for sharing. smile emoticon
P.P.P.S thank you @stephenfry for re-tweeting this you wonderful man. X

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