A quick update – So much to tell not enough time!!!


WOW… A lot has happened in the last few day. So much that trying to write the blogs to do it justice frightens me a little. But luckily for me I have a get out of jail card I can use here – an excuse to keep this update short and punchy and that is the new newsletter is due to come out soon and most of this news will be included in that! So what I thought I would do is give a quite overview to whet your appetite.

1: A whole bunch of new equipment sponsors.

As you will know I have been incredibly lucky to have been supplied with the most amazing equipment to help get me to the end. (check here for list – http://jamieisrunning.com/companies-that-have-assisted-me/ NOTE needs to be updated)Well I have recently had Dell, Suunto and Karrimor add their assistance with amazing kit that is hugely helping me every day. In the next newsletter I will give more information but in the meantime check out – The Dell XPS 13, The Suunto Ambit 3 Peak and Karrimor.

2: My new care package arrived

The most important piece of kit I have is probably my running shoes and in Lima I got my new Adidas Ultra Boost and Adidas Glide Boost running shoes. Absolutely love these shoes!! Also received my new 1000 Miles running socks. Nice fresh feet! great thing is I know they will get me to Buenos Aires. Remember – Using these two products I have NEVER had a blister!

3: Treated like a King in Lima

There have been so many occasions on this trip that I have been given the most amazing hospitality. Lima was no exception. My friend Jonny Rosemont’s mother Abbey managed to hook me up with the amazing Danica. She treated me so amazingly well, treated me to delicious food, worked wonders to get my parcels from various places, organised access to the local club so I could swim on my days off and then masterminded amazing hospitality for the next 300km!

4: The hospitality for next 300km

This has included amazing food in Punta Hermosa with Gaby and Vincente, staying in a beach house provided by Wally and his family, private tours of archaeological sites and seeing a mummy with Luz Maria and staying in an amazing Hacienda with Anabel and Beto.

5: Slightly Cuckoo chap on road

You meet some special people but there was the chap who invited me back to his house on the beach where there were Martians. He also tried to show me the “thing” on his shoulder, told me how he could turn stones to gold and can part the clouds by staring at the sun. Obviously all very amusing but then there is a sad reality to acknowledge. His life has been destroyed, and continues to be, by drugs. 20 years in jail, estranged by family etc. I think this will be one for the book!

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