Monthly Archives: October 2015

From a bad stomach to stealth camping in a military base – just another day for an adventure runner!!!

Today was a day of two halves. I woke up and packed camp after a ok nights sleep. I was camping in the town square and the street lights were on all night and the local dogs were having some kind of street fight which involved a lot of barking. Once ready to go I […]

Pushing on through the desert

Today I woke up in Vitor, about 115k south of Camana, Peru. While the buildings are a little rustic the natural beauty is awesome. The village is situated in a huge canyon that creates a green streak across the very barren desert. At one end of the canyon is Ampato, a 6288m mountain. I am […]

Now the real challenge begins… Wish me luck!

Over the last 2300 km I have been running on what, in this expedition, can be described as pretty flat terrain. I haven’t had to venture above 650m but sadly that is all about to change. Tomorrow I begin my long, but very sure ascent to The Andes. Obviously it is not going to be one long […]

Chocolate saved my life – The Landslide!!!

Every adventure should have a brush with danger and so far on my expedition I have been pretty lucky. (why did I type that?) Well yesterday I think I had a brush and the good news is that I was about 5 minutes late! The reason I was late was because of chocolate…. It was […]

The M&Ms are back!!

So I am on a 220km push from Chala to Camana. This is going to be a brutal 4 or 5 days running. As people will have noticed this has been an expedition of giving things up… First it was cigarettes (last one in the UK in August 2014), then it was booze (1st July […]

Rest is as important as running

Rest is as important as running  When on an expedition like mine it is very easy to get it into your mind that every day you have to get up and run at least 40km. You get into a routine of pushing yourself to the limit and if you stop you think that you are […]


Over the last week I have had so many awesome emails, comments on Facebook, generous contributions to expedition costs and most importantly fantastic donations. I am going to try and personally thank you all but I am not in a part of the world where high speed internet is particularly accessible. Even where WiFi is […]

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Last night, while snuggled up in my tent, I popped open my Dell XPS 13 (awesome ultrabook) and watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. For those who have watched it will understand why I love this film (if you haven’t then do) but it was a weird experience watching it in my current situation. […]

Another blustery day in the desert

Today I woke in the behind the Mar Restaurant. The fried fish/flies has not caused any stomach problems and after a quick pack up and breakie I was back on the road. My target for today was about 44km south and again would be nothing but desert and wind!! In all the running I have […]

Running day 300!!!

Well today was running day 300 and not only that I was the day I broke through the 13,000km mark. YAY!!! Unfortunately that is where the “yay” ends because despite this great milestone I was feeling tired and unmotivated!! I was in a lovely hostel in Nazca and could have very easily taken a day […]