Running through a big sandy desert


I have been in the desert for quite some time now and despite it being a big desolate place filled with sand I am having a great time. The scenery has changed so much and everyday I am treated to awesome landscapes and dramatic horizons. Each day I think it can’t be topped and then before I know it the flat sand has changed into a road curving through big sandy dunes. While the scenery is breath taking there are downsides to running through the desert and they are all pretty obvious. Firstly its hot! The sun in relentless and there is normally nowhere to find shade. For some reason the sun seems to sit directly above my head all day meaning I can’t even use my stroller’s shadow for rests. However there is some respite from the heat and that is the wind and there is lots of that. For some reason the wind is always blowing in your face. It doesn’t matter if you head west, east or south, there it is… So a normal 50km day becomes a lot harder! This leads to the last downside… Sand! When you are struggling into a headstrong wind with the sun beating down the last thing you need is small grains of sand blowing directly into you face and ending up in your mouth.

But all that said I could be sitting behind a desk with no access to a window… That thought keeps me going daily!

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