Amazing Peruvian Hospitality


A lot of friends who have been to Peru have told me about their unbelievable hospitality. Well I’ve just had a dose of it and its outstanding.

I was running into Nuevo Chimbote after a particularly tricky 30km. I was tired and sore and just wanted to look for a hostel and have somewhere to relax. I was on the last stretch when a motorbike pulled over and a young couple introduced themselves – Alexander and Melissa. They asked where I was staying and when they heard a hostel they shook their head, pulled out their phone and called a friend. Alexander turned to me and said he had called a friend and everything was sorted. They then drove along in front of me to direct me to our destination.

I was introduced to Ivon whose house it was I would be staying in. My stroller was put in the courtyard area and I was introduced to the various people there. Alexander and Melissa then asked if I was hungry and upon my answer led me straight to a local restaurant. Alexander promptly ordered me a delicious plate of Ceviche and then we started to chat. Alexander was a psychologist and his girlfriend was a law student. They both lived in the nearby Chimbote. They explained that their friend’s house was part of a network of posadas that were used by bikers in Peru. Apparently there is a network of house where other bikers can stay. Alexander noticed how quickly I had eaten the ceviche and quickly ordered me a plate of rice and seafood. When it came to paying there was no question that they would pay no matter how much I protested.

We then ambled back to the house. I was introduced to Alexander’s friend Jorge and his lovely girlfriend. We sat around talking for a while with different people passing through – The grandmother was a favourite of mine – she had an awesome character! They asked what I needed to do and I mentioned I needed to pop to the supermarket. The team got together and within minutes I was on the back of a motorbike racing down the high street.

On our return I was shown the shower and given a room for the evening. After a bit of downtime I emerged from the room thinking about finding some food. Ivon would not hear of me going to a restaurant and insisted on getting me some rice and eggs.

After a restful night sleep and getting my stroller ready for the day ahead it was breakfast time. Five of us sat round the table a feasted on scrambled egg and sausage rolls and coffee.Before I set off Ivon gave me sandwiches for the day ahead and mineral water.

This kind of hospitality is amazing. I really hope there are people like this back in the UK. I have a feeling we are far more reserved and sceptical of people – especially ones with big beards and to be honest smell horrendous!

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  1. Ivone Marlene Pinedo Cardenas · · Reply

    tener a un personaje del Reino Unido, que camina por la gente que tiene cáncer y el agua que falta en el África, ayudemos en su caminar amigos a nivel del Litoral Peruano atención posadas. gracias por su hospitalidad al paso de Jaime Ramsay.

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