Today the Desert Adventure Begins


Right now I am sitting in the Loki party hostel in Mancora, Northern Peru which is arguably an interesting choice for an abstaining adventurer but a base that has been surprisingly welcome. As I type I am waiting for a full fried breakfast to arrive and my coffee is piping hot with fresh milk and brown sugar. All these little luxuries are last minute pleasures before I set off on the next stage of my expedition – The Desert.

I am fully aware that things are going to be getting a lot more difficult over the next few days and I am going to have to deal with conditions I am not 100% trained for but I have every confidence that I have the personal determination to get through. Am I scared? Probably a little bit, that could be why I took a day off, a sort of self preservation tactic but I need to convince myself that I just took the rest because I was needing a rest.

So what are the obstacles that lie ahead. Well its a desert so lots of sun, sand, isolation and not very much water. It’s 180km to the next big town and there are only a couple of opportunities to stock up on water. I spent yesterday freeing up space in my Thule Cheetah Stroller for more water storage and I need to get the balance right because the more water I take the more weight I have to push. There are not going to be any restaurants or cafes so I am back to being head chef – noodles, tuna and pasta are back on the menu!

What are my biggest fear? It’s the armed bandits that everyone keeps telling me about. Apparently in this empty wilderness there are men looking to take my shit! Ever since I arrived in Mexico I have had someone telling me that I was going to be robbed… I guess I have to just continue on my way and beextra vigilant. i just keep telling myself that they want my belongings not to hurt me…

One of the ways to deal with fear is to look it straight in the eye and then proceed with self confidence. Lets see if that works!

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