Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Angel of the Desert

The hospitality I have received on this trip has been astonishing and it continues it surprise me. Peru has not been any difficult and recently I have been looked after by so many lovely people. In today’s blog I want to focus on Clemente or the Angel of the Desert as many refer to him […]

Today’s 67km run – A mental and Nutritional Battle!

Today I was making a big push from Haucho to Chancay. The total distance turned out to be 67km and was pretty much all in very isolated desert. I am getting quite used to running these distances and have formed techniques that keep me going. In this blog I will touch on a couple of […]

Visiting a Chimu Fort in Paramonga

My running route is pretty much determined by the most direct route from A to B and this does have some disadvantages. One of the biggest is that you miss some of the amazing things each of the country I run through has to offer. But sometimes running means you get to visit places that […]

Three great new companies helping get me to the BA…

Over the last month I have been amazingly lucky to have gained the support from three amazing companies. Each one will provide me with state of the art equipment to ensure that I can get the most out of this expedition. I will reveal who they are when I get their kit in Lima. All […]

Amazing Peruvian Hospitality

A lot of friends who have been to Peru have told me about their unbelievable hospitality. Well I’ve just had a dose of it and its outstanding. I was running into Nuevo Chimbote after a particularly tricky 30km. I was tired and sore and just wanted to look for a hostel and have somewhere to relax. […]

Running through a big sandy desert

I have been in the desert for quite some time now and despite it being a big desolate place filled with sand I am having a great time. The scenery has changed so much and everyday I am treated to awesome landscapes and dramatic horizons. Each day I think it can’t be topped and then before […]

From Casa Fresh to Viru

Today I set off from Hostal Casa Fresh in Huanchaco, a cool and chilled surf town just north of Trujillo. I had a day off yesterday and enjoyed the time off visiting the Chan Chan ruins (the historical capital of the Chimu culture – 850AD to Inca conquest in 1470AD) and eating delicious cakes. The […]

Desert Update – A couple of days into 204km

So after the rather gruelling 4 days through the desert to Chiclayo I am back at it again but this time covering the 204km of desert to Huanchaco/Trujillo. After the shocks of last time I am trying to do this stint in a slightly more sensible fashion. Yesterday I left Chiclayo and hit the highway […]

Life is gruelling on the open desert road

It’s hardly surprising that the running on this expedition never ends but sometimes it is more demanding than others and keeping the motivation up is half the battle. I have just completed an 8 day running stage covering c.400km, averaging about 50km a day and managing to record my longest ever day of 78km. During […]

Running 212km across the Sechura Desert in 4 days

Throughout this expedition I have constantly had to overcome different challenges. There have been mountains, cities, seas and arid spaces. This week it was the turn of the desert and a proper desert it was. At times I could stand in the middle of the road and see nothing but flat, endless sand stretching in […]