The show must go on!


“Ecuador Chimborazo 5923” by Kilobug – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

So today I popped down to the post office to try and find out what the hell was happening with my parcel as I am getting frustrated sitting in Quito wasting precious days! The news was not positive… My package will be ready for collection, not delivery to my hostel, on Monday, 24 August. The value of the package is worth doing whatever I can to get my hands on it so I have come up with a plan. I was going to take a trip down to Cotopaxi and give that a climb but unfortunately that erupted today…

So the plan is: I am going to run down to the Riobamba which is about 200km south of here and investigagte if I can climb Chimborazo.This volcano is, according to Wikipedia, “not the highest mountain by elevation above sea level, but its location along the equatorial bulge makes its summit the farthest point on the Earth’s surface from the Earth’s center.”

If I manage to climb Chimborazo I will then return to Quito by bus, retireve my parcel and then return to Riobamba and continue my running.

It is definitely not the most ideal situation but you can’t let these things get in the way of a good adventure. If I get to climb Chimborazo then some good will come out of this choas! I also think we will start planning the delivery of my next package now so this doesn’t happen again!

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  1. Edwin Willems · · Reply

    Jamie, sad to hear about the troubles with your package. However, we didn’t manage to see the Chimborazo because of clouds, but apparently you did – pricesless! (unless you got that great picture from the web :-).
    All the best!
    Edwin & Ingrid (remember we were the ones when we met in Otavalo with Patricia – our guide)

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