Logistics keeps me static in Quito!!!

When I started the South American stage of my expedition I set myself a very ambitious personal target of getting to Buenos Aires by New Year’s Eve. To be able to achieve this I would need to run an average of 42km every day without a break. The few people who knew the target said I was bonkers (more bonkers than just trying to run from Canada to Buenos Aires.) Well I arrived in Quito on 11 August and bang on target to reach my target. I had even been able to fit in three days holiday…

Then logistics got in the way. II get about 1000km or 1 month use out of a pair of running shoes and then I need to get new ones. Adidas have been every kind and supplied me with all the running shoes I need to get to Buenos Aires. This makes a huge financial saving on my expedition and I am very grateful to them for their generosity. The running shoes I am using are the Ultra Boost and the Boost Glide.

Trying to be all organised I thought I would get my darling Mother to send them to Quito to coincide with my arrival. Everything was going to plan. I contacted the Revolution Hostel and they very kindly let me use their hostel as a postal address.

I kept running and my mother posted the parcel. I arrived in Quito but unfortunately my parcel was AWOL. It had left France on the 6th of August but not arrived in Quito… This leaves me with a huge dilemma…  And I have two choices and I am trying to decide what to do!!

Option 1: I hit the road without the parcel arriving and then organise for it to be posted to wherever I am. To do this I would need to buy a new pair of running shoes which cost about £230 (I know….) and then organise and pay for another courier to send the package on to another hostel further south in Ecuador. All these costs are on top of any customs charges I will incur.

Option 2: I wait in Quito and hope the parcel arrives in the next couple of days. (at the time of writing the parcel is now in Ecuadorian customs). The advantage of waiting is a little rest time and some quite substantial savings but on the down time every day that passes means I need to run a little more each day to get back on schedule!

I guess everything can’t go according to plan all the time and I would much prefer it to be logistics rather than anything health related. I guess my frustration is that I am really eager to get to the deserts of Peru. Every time I acclimatize to certain condition (currently The Andes and altitude) I start looking forward to the next challenge…

But Quito isn’t a bad place to be stuck. It is a beautiful city with some amazing architecture and a wonderful mix of the traditional and the modern communities that co-exist here.

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  1. Hello, Jamie, I’m glad you have reached Quito. Vaya con Dios!

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