Apps and website for the adventurer in you

Before I set off on my expedition I really wasn’t that savvy about what web sites to use or what apps were best for planning my routes. As the journey continues I meet people who have great suggestions and also my father’s input. So here is a very quick run through of some sites and apps that I find useful, sometimes essential, and are all completely free!


GPS tracking can be expensive and occasionally quite unreliable. I have a Spot and its quite worrying just how many times I have to “check-in” before I manage to make connections. Luckily I haven’t been in an emergency situation yet…

If you have a phone and want a free version then save yourself the cost of a Spot device and the yearly subscription and download FollowMee. Its free and if you are in a mobile network location then you can be tracked to within the metre. You can also login on a computer and see where your phone is. My father uses it to see where I am. If you pay a little extra you can see the last 7 days tracking. A nice little safety back-up to have.



Every day I am running down unknown roads and have no idea what the terrain ahead has in store for me. This great website allows you to plot varies points along a Google map and then it calculates the elevation you are going to experience. I am currently in The Andes and this is essential knowledge to have… And yes it’s free as well


If you are going of the road and want to find out just how high the terrain is then this is the website for you. Just load up the area of interest and click on the nice colourful map and it will give you a precise altitude. Again its free.


Everyone expects me to have complicated maps etc to help navigate but in reality I just use Here Maps. It’s easy to use and you can download the maps for each country you are in which cuts down on data costs and means you are not stranded when there is no signal.


When I am on the road and want to know my exact altitude I use Altimeter Pro. Just open the app and it tells you your altitude. This is especially useful when you know what height your summit is and want to gauge your progress. No cost involved here!

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