My @Lumiavoices Instagram takeover

Last weekend I had the privilege to be put in charge of the @lumiavoices Instagram page. This came about because Microsoft have very kindly supplied me with an amazing Lumia 930 phone to use on my expedition. The Lumia Takeover happens every weekend and each time a Lumia user shares his or her photos from wherever they are in the world. There is some amazing photography and I would highly recommend you check it out and follow so you can witness what people are sharing.

The Lumia 930 is an amazing piece of kit and I will do a full review in the future. All I want to say now is that the camera, editing capabilities and video recorder produce some stunning photos and videos.

You can follow my expedition instagram page at @jamieisrunning or

Here are my submissions – Click on the images to see a larger version

Insta 1 insta 2
Insta 3 Insta 4
Insta 5 Insta 6
Insta 9 insta7
Insta8 insta10

One comment

  1. Super photographs, thanks for sharing.

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