An Attack of Bloody Plantar Fasciitis

So today was the second day of the South American stage of my expedition and I am already being hit by the same issue I had when I first began and then again after my two weeks off at Christmas. Plantar bloody Fasciitis (I will call it PF for short). PF is an irritation of the Plantar Fascia which can be found on the sole of your foot. I did a little research the other two times I had this and it can come from a dramatic increase in exercise which makes sense. Annoyingly this wouldn’t have been an issue if I had been able to run while I was in France but having been struck down by Giardia (wow I am starting to sound like a hypochondriac) running was not really an option.

The positive thing is I know what this is and have managed to overcome it a couple of times in the past. Essentially I need to stretch the calf muscle, ice my foot and pop a couple of ibuprofen. A bonus is the ibuprofen here come in 800mg tablets (a UK Nurofen is only 200mg) so they should do the trick…

My Dad is going to say he warned me to build up the distances slowly and honestly I did try. On the first day I did 30km and today I only did 25km. By my standard that is easing in.

Hopefully this is not going to stop my progress but it will mean I need to take better care of myself for the next few days.

Click here to read more about PF –

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