Amazing help from great companies

Going home for a couple weeks has allowed me to restock a lot of equipment and also ditch a whole lot of weight that I didn’t need as after 10 months running you learn how to live on the bare minimum. I would like to quickly thank all those who are helping me achieve success – needless to say couldn’t be done without them!



I have often said that good running shoes are really important and arguably without then the expedition would not be possible or would be very uncomfortable. So you can imagine my delight that Adidas have jumped to my rescue and provided me with an amazing array of running equipment and most importantly new running shoes! While I was in France a huge box turned up with 3 pairs of Ultra Boost running shoes, 3 pairs of Boost Glide running shoes and a whole wardrobe of running clothing. In an attempt to keep my stroller weight to a minimum I have only brought running clothing and shoes with me so if you see a chap (though from the back could be mistaken for a girl with current ponytail) decked out in Adidas and pushing a baby stroller its probably me!!! For those of you thinking I am going to be pushing 6 pairs of running shoes then just to clarify that is not the case. I have two pairs with me and after every 2000km my parents will send some more!



Mobile phone continue to get more and more sophisticated and Microsoft have been kind enough to send me one of their Lumia 930 phones. I am very much a Microsoft man and this is an awesome phone. The camera is amazing and everything I do on the phone is immediately uploaded to my OneDrive account. It also looks awesome which is obviously very important! Later this month I have an exciting opportunity to share my expedition with the world thanks to Lumia – More details to follow!

Thule Logo Rich Black


My running stroller has made it from Vancouver to Yaviza (Darien Gap) without any big dramas and I am pretty sure it could have make it all the way to Buenos Aires without any modifications but to be safe Thule have very kindly sent me some replacement wheels and a new handlebar.

sawyereurope whiteSAWYER EUROPE-

Sawyer have been amazing an provided me with an assortment of water filtration equipment that will help me make ensure that I have clean water for the whole of the South American stage of my expedition. They have also provided me with sunscreen and insect repellent!



Powertaveller have been amazing throughout my expedition and have always been swift to action when I have requested a new adapter. My original computer died in Mexico and I needed to buy a new one. Obviously the adapter was different but with one email Powertraveller had the correct one shipped to my parents house. Thank you!

OverboardOVERBOARD –

I have managed to keep everything bone dry with the thanks of Overboard. They have provided me with a whole assortment of bags and when I realised I needed more they generously provided me with a new batch.



My friend is a Director of Dragonfly and they provide complete campaign management for your marketing activities. They are based in Edinburgh and have been amazing at making sure I have amazing running t-shirts and more recently awesome stickers to stick throughout South America. Thanks Vicky G!

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