Invaded by a parasite called Giardia lamblia protozoan


As many of you will know from my complaining online or for those who came to my sister’s wedding from slightly more graphic accounts I was ill when I was in France. At first I thought it was induced by a sudden stop in extreme endurance exercise or a dramatic change in diet. I think my mother feared it may have been her cooking –  which is definitely wasn’t as she is an awesome chef! Every day I endured stomach problems that ranged from bad flatulence to diarrhoea and stomach cramps to constipation. No matter what I did it wouldn’t go away. My lovely mother booked me a doctors appointment and being the stubborn man that I decided I didn’t need to go as things seemed to be getting better – how wrong was I there. In the end I resorted to diagnosis’ from my friends on Facebook. A simple post saying I had a bad stomach was enough to induce the doctors coming out in all of you. I was inundated with differing opinions but one became the frontrunner and that was a little parasite called Giardia. (Click here for more details). All the symptoms looked in line and where it is likely to be caught fitted where I had been. Annoyingly I think I can trace exactly where I caught the little blighter. When I was in the Darien Gap with a friend called Eric we decided to take a boat into the middle of the jungle to a small settlement. When we were there we thought jumping into the brown river and going for a swim would be an intelligent idea. While it was great fun I am not sure the effects really made it worthwhile.

Luckily getting rid of Giardia is pretty simple – you jut take a course of medicine (metronidazole) . For this my mother’s doctor jumped to the rescue. I was in Biarritz escaping the work at home for a couple of days and the stomach was holding me back on drinking and eating! I called mum and explained what I thought I had and asked if she could speak to her doc. Within the hour she came back to me and told me to go to any pharmacy in Biarritz, give them his name and a prescription would be faxed directly and the medicine would be handed over. While I was slightly dubious this would work I was happily proved wrong. Later that day I was popping pills and on the road to recovery. Luckily everything was cured by the wedding and I was able to over indulge in the eating, drinking and merriment of my darling little sister’s celebrations.

Thank you to Suse and Chris for the original diagnosis, Mum as my intermediary to the doctor, the doc for prescribing the drugs and my father for the G&T prescription that helped endure it all!!

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