Monthly Archives: July 2015

The end of the market day in Santander, Colombia

I am in Santander de Quilichao just south of Cali in Southern Colombia. I think the best way to describe this town is a market town. When I arrived the streets were alive with activity. Small stalls lined the streets selling fruit, vegetables, sugar products and meat. Tarpaulins hung from building to building sheltering the […]

La Pintada to Buga… Marathoning it!

Since my last blog I have covered the 280km (give or take) from La Pintada to Buga. It brings my total running days without a break to ten and in that time I have covered over 458km averaging about 45.8km per day. When I started this section I couldn’t walk and while the pain is […]

A Beautiful Three Day 130k through Colombia

Over the last three days I have run about 130km from Santafe de Antioquia to Pintada. The km splits were 35/47/47 which keeps me firmly on track for a marathon a day (without breaks). Santefe de Antioquia is a beautiful colonial town about 60km North West of Medellin. I haven’t been in old colonial towns […]

We love running films – so here is a list!

After my last blog I got thinking about how much we (yes all of us) love movies that involve running. May not all like running but when we watch someone win a race or an unexpected character complete what seemed inpossible we get a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I started doing a little reseach of […]

Watching “Running the Sahara” while Running the Americas

Frustratingly today has been a forced rest day due to a foot injury. I am hoping that with 36 hours off running and lots of stretching, elevation and resting I will be back on the road tomorrow. On the plus side this forced time off has allowed me to watch “Running the Sahara”, an inspirational […]

A school, a quickie, the army and big hills

Over the last couple of days I have covered some good distance, despite struggling with a little foot discomfort. Yesterday I ran, walk and hobbled about 57km and today I managed to add a further 52km or there about. The scenery today was amazing with the road following a valley from the bottom of a […]

An Attack of Bloody Plantar Fasciitis

So today was the second day of the South American stage of my expedition and I am already being hit by the same issue I had when I first began and then again after my two weeks off at Christmas. Plantar bloody Fasciitis (I will call it PF for short). PF is an irritation of […]

Running report: First day in Colombia

Today I arrived in Turbo, Colombia, and begun my running to Buenos Aires. The road from Turbo should run about 8000km and deliver me safely to Buenos Aires. There will be some awesome obstacles along the way including serious altitude in Colombia and Ecuador, huge ranges in weather and temperature and then the small matter […]

Finally make it to Colombia…

To say today was an exciting day would be an understatement…. Today I made the most interesting border crossing of my life and I’ve done some pretty funky border crossings. When I was travelling around Asia and South America with my then girlfriend in 2007-2008 we made it our mission to cross every border at […]

Dad’s suggestion

So my last blog post had me sitting on my bed on an island just off shore from Puerto Carti waiting for a boat to take me to Puerto Olbadia. Well that all went a little tits up! After three days of waiting while “Negro” was sorting a lift for me and a Colombian lady […]