A 10 day tummy bug in France…

I have been in France for just over a week helping my parents get ready for my sister’s wedding that takes place next weekend and that is why I have not been very good at keeping my blog up-to-date. 

Since I have been home I have been ill. Not seriously ill but inconveniently ill. I am not entirely sure why and I was hoping that maybe someone who read this blog may have the answer but I am pretty sure it comes down to a dramatic change in lifestyle and diet. I can’t believe that I have been on the road for 10 months and in that time I have been more ill in France than any other country!!!

In Central America I was running about 40+km a day. My diet consisted of a lot of rice, beans, tortilla, Coke-a-Cola, sugar, fruit etc. It may not sound the best diet in the world and I am well aware of that but when you are burning about 5000kcal per day your body is craving quick energy food. There is also the fact that in many parts of Central America the options are very limited and you have to take what you can get your hands on.

Since I arrived in Yaviza, Panama, having run 9147km in 9.5 months I have been on one run. This has been due to three factors. 1) I think I deserve a rest 2) I have been waiting for my new Adidas Ultra Boost running shoes to arrive (they just have 🙂 ) and 3) I’ve been ill!

I am not feeling ill ill I am just ill. I have no fevers or aches just a bad stomach. Sometimes it’s “the runs” and sometimes it’s the opposite. And if it is neither then it’s just nausea… It has been 10 days now and as you would expect I am getting a little bored of it now.

My mother did book me a doctor’s appointment but on that morning I felt fine and foolishly thought I had got over it. In hindsight I should have gone!

Luckily it is not stopping me being helpful and hopefully it will clear itself up by the wedding. My father is prescribing Gin and Tonics and they do seem to help!

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  1. Sev johnson · · Reply

    I met your father in France he prescribed me Gin & Tonics too! I wasn’t even ill… Welcome back and get well soon. Sev

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