Slightly underwhelmed by the Panama Canal

Now when I say that I don’t mean I am underwhelmed by the amazing engineering feat that is undoubtedly is, I am just not sure it justifies an $8 ride in a taxi and a $15 entry fee. I will confess I didn’t get to see a ship go through but would that have been enough. While on excuses let’s also confess to be a little groggy from the night before and nonplussed by the score of loud children tearing around!

It wasn’t all awful, the 3D video was interesting if a little short and the video from a ship captain view was quite cool but the actual lock itself was just a lock! If you’ve never seen a lock then it may be very interesting but when I was a wee lad I got to visit Crinan Canal on the west of Scotland. There you get to help open the locks and get delicious food from the local shop. You can also pick up some fresh seafood if you are lucky!!!

I am not saying don’t visit… I am just saying to manage your expectations!

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