My run from Farallon to Malibu

After two days of resting at the lovely Acuarela Hostel in Farallon it was time to hit the road again. The weather was nice and cool when I woke up which made me a little more relaxed about leaving early. My new Argentinian friends who are photographers got up at the same time and very kindly took some photos. It will be interesting to see them as I don’t have that many photos of me actually running!

I walked back to the Pan American Highway and started jogging south. The road continued to be a little uninspiring but at least had some ups and downs. I didn’t actually know where I was heading today as I am conscious that I have a lot of time to kill. San Carlos seemed like a good destination but when I arrived there and realised it was only 28km and I really didn’t feel that I had done enough to justify stopping. I knew there was a Subway 9km further and decided that would be good lunch spot. San Carlos itself was quite quirky. All the shops seemed to be named after people’s names and the streets were bustling with people enjoying a Sunday with the family. On the weekend it seems to be the norm to just drink constantly – these guys even put me to shame (though I haven’t drunk beer for 11 days!). When I went passed the supermarket this morning (7.30am) there were guys chilling outside with a can of beer and all down the highway guys were just sitting on the side of the road drinking. As we know drinking can sometimes lead to arguments and towards the end of the day I jogged passed three guys locked in a fight with girls in bikinis surrounding them. The question is – was it the beer or the ladies that started the fight?

Towards the end of the day the scenery started to get a little more interesting with more trees lining the road, more twists and turns and some mini mountains on the horizon. The weather also changed with dark clouds forming overhead and then a gentle rain. Luckily all my equipment is safe from water due to my Overboard bags (check-out my sponsor’s page) and as my brother keeps saying “skin is waterproof” so I carried on regardless. Luckily the downpour seemed to hold off. Though that is about to change as the thunder is rumbling ahead as I write this and black clouds are charging towards me!

After lunch I decided to carry on a little further to a place called Malibu Beach, a further 10km (ish). Just before my turn off a chap jumped out from behind a bus stop and introduced himself. He was selling mangoes and started to fill my stroller with as many as he could. He was a gentle chap but missing most of his teeth. He was very proud to know another Scottish man who apparently drank a lot of whiskey. He wanted me to leave my stroller on the side of the road and come into his house so we could call him. I decided this was probably a bad idea so continued on my merry way.

The final stretch of road to the Malibu Beach House hostel deteriorated the further I went down it until I was starting to doubt my decision. I pressed on until the road disappeared completely and a track started. I found a local and got some direction and here I am sitting on a fold out chair being attacked my sand flies that seem to be resistant to deet! The rain is on its way which I secretly love – it gives me a perfect excuse to sit and do nothing!!!

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