Did I wash my hair with “Esperma de Ballena” (Whale sperm)

DSCN1147When I arrived in Penonome the other day I was hot, sweaty and needed a shower (as I am after most running days). My hair and beard were particularly in need so off I popped to the supermarket to buy some shampoo. As I passed the cosmetics counter I noticed some individual sachets from a company called Nevada Natural Products with Shampoo written in large letters. It cost 40c so without further investigation I put one in the basket. I got back to my hotel room and jumped into the shower. I wet my hair, opened the packet and emptied over my head and started to scrub my scalp and beard. it foamed up good and  enjoyed the sensation of getting clean again. When I got out of the shower I looked at the packaging again and noticed it was called “esperma de ballena”. It dawned on my very quickly that this literally translated is Whale Sperm. Had I just showered in whale sperm?

Many emotions followed. First there was shock, then I started laughing at just how ridiculous a situation this was and what people back home would think… And then there was the realisation that this can’t be ethical. I have done as much research as I can but can’t find anything that delves into the use Spermaceti in beauty products. (Spermaceti is a wax that is most often found in the head cavities of the sperm whale) Can anyone tell me more? I am completely against using any products that harm animals especially if it’s just to wash my hair. I want to be clear this was an innocent mistake! But if this company is doing something unethical then hopefully we can find out more about it!

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