A day in the life of this adventure runner

P1060350I thought it might be interesting to document a full day of running so people get a real feel of what I do on a normal day, if any day can actually be called normal. For this example I have chosen Saturday, 9 May 2015. I started this day in a town called Palmar Norte and ran 60km to a town called Rio Claro. The scenery on this route is amazing. For the majority it was like running through a tropical garden (apart from the large lorries!). Tall trees with flowering vines falling off the branches line both sides of the road. The grass is think and lush green. Macaws, parrots, parakeets and vultures fly overhead. Frogs make awesome sounds in the puddles at the side of the road. Bushes are in bloom with red, orange and purple flowers. The hills are undulating and not too big, though they feel worse towards the end of the day.

4.00am – Wake up and wait for enough light to run, pack bags

4.30am – Retrieve stroller from storage (a space under a staircase)

4.40am – Get permission to fill water bottles from tap at outside loo of next door baker, get money out from ATM

5.00am – Buy breakfast – Deep fried meat empanada, bottle orange juice (not fresh!)

5.10am – Start running

KM10 – Stop and buy iced tea, Powerade and Pastries

KM22 – Stop for a Peanut Snickers and Diet Coke

KM30 – Family stops and gives me apple, iced tea and a sandwich

KM31 – Spoke on wheel breaks

KM41 – Chap I met in Uvita drives passed and says hi

KM41.5 – Car breaks screech, car slides behind me, luckily just misses!!!

KM42 – 2nd spoke breaks so stop to fix

KM50 – Stop for a cold coconut. Stall owner fills my bottle with cold water

KM54 – Meet two Germans (Robert and Sabrina) who are cycling north to south on a tandem

1.45pm – Sit in a river and cool down

2.00pm – Arrive in Rio Claro

3.00pm – Go shopping for provisions

4.00pm – Have two beers with German friends

6.00pm – Eat dinner with German friends – Salad with fried sausage, cheese, tortilla and then pineapple

8.00pm – Fix wheel on stroller – Needed to be straightened

11.00pm – go to bed

One comment

  1. You are amazing Jamie – and the description of your day is lovely! You can almost hear and feel the surroundings you are in! Keep up the incredible journey and awesome blogs… Vicky x

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