An Efficient Postal Service – A True Team Effort!

I lost my Visa Card in Guatemala. It was my own careless fault and has been a little bit of a hassle since it happened as MasterCard doesn’t quite have the same level of acceptance in ATM machines here! I ordered a new card and had it delivered home. The next challenge was getting it to me and I love the solution…

I have a friend, Richard Villiers, who I met through a university friend, Emma. When had all seen each other just before I left and Rich had informed me he was now living in Costa Rica and that I should look him up when I was there. I remember this as I approached and contacted him to see if he was going to be going back to the UK before I arrived in Costa Rica. unfortunately the answer was no BUT he was going to New York and while he was there his brother who works in London was going to be there for work. No matter how tenuous, there was a link and a plan was hatched. My sister-in-law Eve very kindly couriered my bankcard (and a camera) to Rich’s brother in Canary Wharf London. Nick (Rich’s Brother) then transported it all to NYC and gave it to Rich when they met for dinner and then Rich carried it back to Costa Rica in time for my arrival.

It’s amazing that through so many different connections we managed to get stuff from the UK to Costa Rica with relative ease.

Thank you to Emma for the introduction to Rich, Alina and Pat for getting my card and camera to Eve, Eve for couriering it to Nick, Nick for flying it to NYC and finally Rich was lugging it to Costa Rica. A Great Team Effort!!!!

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