Monthly Archives: May 2015

A wheel disaster and sleeping in a fire station

So today I left Panama City and set out on my last 280+km run to the end of the Central American stretch of the Pan American Highway. My intention was to do 42km and end up in a small town I thought was bound to have a small cheap hotel. I packed up and left […]

Slightly underwhelmed by the Panama Canal

Now when I say that I don’t mean I am underwhelmed by the amazing engineering feat that is undoubtedly is, I am just not sure it justifies an $8 ride in a taxi and a $15 entry fee. I will confess I didn’t get to see a ship go through but would that have been […]

Getting lost in Panama Old Town

Thanks to an email from a couple of friends (Chris/Pauline you know who you are!) I found myself staying in the old town in Panama City and I loved it. I was staying at Luna’s Castle, which was a fantastic hostel perfectly situated in between the maze of side streets and the fish market. The […]

Link to a slight route change to South American Stage

I am making a slight route change to my expedition. Not because I am lazy  but because I have arrived in Panama City too early. The new route actually makes more sense and could be a little more exciting. My father has explained it perfectly on his site so I am not going to duplicate […]

A physio question… Is running on the flat more tiring?

For the last few days I have been running on more or less completely flat terrain and I am finding that I am getting more tired and finding it harder to push myself. I have been pondering about why this may be and have come up with a few ideas and thought someone might know […]

My run from Farallon to Malibu

After two days of resting at the lovely Acuarela Hostel in Farallon it was time to hit the road again. The weather was nice and cool when I woke up which made me a little more relaxed about leaving early. My new Argentinian friends who are photographers got up at the same time and very […]

A few recent wildlife photos from my Expedition

Did I wash my hair with “Esperma de Ballena” (Whale sperm)

When I arrived in Penonome the other day I was hot, sweaty and needed a shower (as I am after most running days). My hair and beard were particularly in need so off I popped to the supermarket to buy some shampoo. As I passed the cosmetics counter I noticed some individual sachets from a […]

Running with the runs

Its happened again and unfortunately I don’t think it is going to be the last time. The other day I finished my run (45km) at a town called San Lorenzo in Panama. There were no hostel, hotels or similar so I camped in my Force Ten tent behind the petrol station. There was also a […]

A day in the life of this adventure runner

I thought it might be interesting to document a full day of running so people get a real feel of what I do on a normal day, if any day can actually be called normal. For this example I have chosen Saturday, 9 May 2015. I started this day in a town called Palmar Norte […]